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About me

Bad design inspires me

Experiencing (and watching others experience) unusable processes and systems (including — and especially! — interfaces) is what attracts me to product design.

When bad design presents problems, empathy and concision guide my design decisions.

Particular curiosities

A list of (continuously growing) fields I'm fascinated by (and that I'm excited to learn more about):

UX research

WeChat Mini Programs

standardization (including, but not limited to: style guides, component libraries)

motion design

data science/statistics

voice user interfaces

digital assistants

public policy


autonomous transportation

extended reality (xR: VR, MR, AR)

A list of (continuously growing) dream product design positions that don't exist yet:

A list of (continuously growing) fields I'm fascinated by (and that I'm excited to learn more about):

Origin story

I found my roots in a variety of design practices, from building floor layouts and city street grids to car infotainment systems. A y(o/e)ung Tate reimagined systems as soon as he could understand them.

I've transposed this mindset onto software — a natural evolution of my design thinking.

And it's still a hobby of mine. Recently, I solved unique problems by designing a university course numbering scheme and a special-purpose LA Metro Rail map.

Outside of design

In addition to a passion for usability, I'm drawn to scenic views of sunsets with saturated color and clouds, skylines of cities, and sprawling suburbia, or all three. And other aesthetic practices like photography, editorial design, and graphic design.

I'm also enthusiastic about novel things. Like chasing new experiences, learning the newest best practices or software, creating personalized bubble tea recipes, and scoping out fresh music and mixtapes.

Platforms of choice

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