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Many Cal Poly students don’t have cars, and with over 70% of the student population calling Northern or Southern (but not Central) California home, sharing rides to go home is typical.


Facebook Groups aren’t designed to handle these types of information and use cases.


How might we solve the bad UX of finding a ride without having to gain critical mass on a new platform?



Derek Nguyen
Eitan Simler
Felipe Ortiz
Jonah Saya
Tate Yeung


Derek and I were principal UI/UX designers on this project.


Sketch, Sigma


May 2019 to June 2019


User empathy

Time limitations restricted our ability to gather insight on user habits.
Flowchart of the current state.

Defining problems

The improvised use of Facebook Groups means there are no filtering options, only basic text search.

Defining need

Drivers want to easily find riders that fit their criteria (origin, destination, date, time) and be alerted if ride requests that fit their criteria are posted.

Design considerations

Critical mass

To avoid the necessary issue of attaining critical mass, this app was designed to act as a client for the Facebook group. This is possible with the Facebook API.


Search will include the most popular criteria that drivers and riders have, which include date, time, origin, and destination.


We thought this search feature would be vital to the usefulness of the project.


ideal flowchart

This was the ideal flowchart that took into account user need and design considerations.

initial sketches

Proposed screen layouts.
Search options and search results layouts.
Search result card exploration. We dwelled particularly on hierarchy and ways to display the route.


Following whiteboard sketches and discussions, we moved to create high fidelity mockups in Sketch and Figma.
Home screen and search results screen.


Since this class was held by the Computer Science department, this was my first project in which I’ve worked with CS students on the UX design process.

Future work

I intend to independently return to this project soon to conduct further research to refine problems and their solutions. 

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